Our consultancy engagement and support helps the clients to identify their strengths and overcome their weaknesses thus unleashing their potential. This is done through one-to-one discussion with the target group, embedding policy changes, revision in procedures, development of customized forms and templates and easy to implement tools to strengthen the culture and required technology. We also assist clients in developing models for effective risk management and controls. Amongst others, these models cover holistic and granular aspects of credit, market and operational risks. The consultancy engagements are usually followed by intensive training sessions to enable banks to derive maximum benefit out of the suggested measures.

General approach to problem solving

  • Identification of the problems/ challenges by client
  • Interaction with executives and staff
  • Interaction with other stake holders
  • Collect and analyze relevant information
  • Our domain knowledge experts devise solutions based on their experience and current global best practices
  • Discuss feasibility of the solutions with the client
  • Assist in implementing the solutions
  • Follow up and evaluation during different phases of implementation