I would like to thank you about the course you gave us past week. For me this training was very interesting and useful and I hope now be able to apply in my work what I have learned. Thank you again and hope to see you in another course.

Best Regards,
Banque Saudi Fransi
Head Office. CCBG
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I just wanted to thank you for the "Cash Flow Analysis Course". It made a real difference for me when viewing the financial statements now. In-fact as soon as I came back there was an annual review for a certain company that my bank wanted me to do the credit presentation. I used the technique you taught us. I was able to convince the management that the company has a cash utilization problem. The management was really impressed with the cash flow analysis I did.

They complemented me on it...and of course after Allah you are the main reason for me to receive this complement...Thank you again...hoping to see you soon in other occasions.

Ahmed Y. Boshnak, The Saudi Investment Bank Corporate Banking, Western Region

The cash flow analysis for lending program was conducted in a highly organized way. The modular step by step method was really excellent. Delivery of inputs was excellent.

Gurvinder Singh Kharbanda, Bank of Punjab

The cash flow analysis for lending program is compact and very focused on the main topic

Bhasker Salian, Chief Manager, C& I, Bank of India, Mumbai

The cash flow analysis for lending program was excellent and the way it was presented was very excellent.

Rajesh Kulkarni, Manager, State Bank of Hyderabad, Credit Dept, HO, Hyderabad.

The program opened our vision as to how the balance sheet can be window dressed to give a rosy picture both to the bankers and the investors, as also help the bankers to use cash flow based lending approach to take important lending decisions. The program was very useful one and an eye opener.

Rajani Saraf : Branch Manager, The Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd

Though the Bank had a Credit Risk Rating Model installed, it had only 5 rating grades and reasonable discrimination with regard to the credit worthiness of the relevant borrowers/credits were not available. Further the Model was not calibrated through a valid process. We were of the opinion that the former Risk Rating Model was not competent enough to deliver a correct evaluation

on credit. Through the new BRR Models we expect to address the issues in a successful manner and already designed a program to make operational the Model on a Bank wide basis. The templates of the Model reflect a structure to evaluate the credit worthiness of various types of borrowers. It contains cash flow projections and other projected financial statements. New/ less experienced credit officers can gain a good knowledge about the borrowers through these templates.

At the end, with the introduction of Excel Macros, financial statements and other relevant reports which should be attached to the Credit Memorandum could also be automatically generated and this is considered as a real value addition.

Finally I would like to thank you Sir and your team on the successful completion of the project in a highly cost effective manner and look forward to work together with you in future projects as well.

Lalith J Fernando Chief Risk Officer/ Deputy General Manager PABC Bank