Workshop for Branch Managers

Workshop for Branch Managers

Business Development and Consistent Superior Performance in Competitive Environment


Banking environment is extremely competitive. Banks face the challenge of lack of product differentiation resulting into declining profit margins. Under such a situation, Branch Managers have to work out business strategies for growth and profitability keeping in mind the local business environment.

Program Objectives

To enable Branch Managers to

  • Work out business strategies taking into consideration local economic conditions and business environment
  • Effectively execute business plans and mid-course corrections
  • Identify and successfully tackle impediments and constraints

Program Coverage

  • A. Analysis of Business Environment
  • Analysis of local banking business with its peculiarities, sources of income in the local economy, market share of various banks and non-banks, who are major players and why?
  • Analysis of branch business – where is bulk of the revenue/profit coming from? Is it in sync with local business conditions, customer profile, what are the branch strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying few areas where branch can compete in delivering value to customers
  • Building business strategy with anchor products

B. Formulation and Execution of Business Strategy

  • Reviewing and building service capacity in focus areas
  • Developing effective processes and MIS, staff training
  • Focusing on existing business – ensuring customer and income stability
  • Customer stratification and working out strategies and processes for each segment, personal focus on top 20 customers
  • Widening and deepening existing business streams – minimum 3 products per customer
  • Multiplier effect of proper pricing and cross selling, customer profitability
  • Existing customers as spring board for new business – role of top 20%
  • Marketing to new customers – target market and target list of customers
  • Marketing pitch – why should customers be interested, what is in it for them?
  • Customer meetings – proper study and preparedness
  • Style and substance and their interaction in successful marketing
  • Quarterly review – what is working and what is not? – fine tuning of strategy and marketing pitch

C. Credit Management at Branches

  • Developing sound credit judgement without being a credit specialist
  • Credit marketing
  • Credit monitoring and income maximization
  • Deliquency management

D. Overcoming Impediments and Constraints

  • Managing constantly shifting priorities
  • What to delegate and how to monitor
  • Handling customer apathy/hostility
  • Demons within
  • Managing conflict between branch and controlling office

E. Supporting Ideas

  • Peak into customer psychology
  • IQ/EQ/SQ and their importance in business management
  • Importance of larger than life image and its systematic creation
  • Customer orientation towards change
  • Understanding body language
  • What is your body language telling the customer?
  • Staff motivation and involvement

Duration: 3 days

Discussion on topics mentioned above will be supported by exercises/case studies/role plays, video films, besides sharing of practical experiences.

Target Group

Branch Managers or Deputy Branch Managers of commercial banks and non-banking finance companies. Those identified to take over as Branch Managers may also find the program useful.


1. Mr. Hemant Pardikar

2. Prof. Satish Shinde