Exploiting Lending Opportunities in Services Sector

Exploiting Lending Opportunities in Services Sector

Program Objectives:

To enable participants to:

  • Appreciate growing economic importance of services sector
  • Identify new lending opportunities
  • Adopt suitable credit appraisal framework for identification and mitigation of risks
  • Work out effective follow-up and monitoring strategies

Program Coverage :

  • Role of services sector in emerging economy
  • Areas covered under services sector
  • General lending approach – why traditional balance sheet based lending is not suitable?
  • What is cash flow base lending?
  • Projecting cash flows and debt servicing capacity
  • Projecting cash flows for seasonal activities and contracting business
  • Credit appraisal frame work for financing services sector – characteristic risk factors, strategies to mitigate, key financial parameters, typical financing needs, lending products, security aspects and follow up issues
  • Financing specific areas – hotels, hospitals, travel agencies, tour operators, restaurants, retailers, mini/super markets, professional services, film/TV serials, etc. Any other areas of services sector may be added on specific request from the Bank.
  • Exercises, case studies and sharing of international experience

Duration – 3 days

Target Group – Those working in corporate, mid-corporate and SME lending with about two years’ experience in lending. Those working in ‘credit risk management’ and ‘internal audit’ would also find the program useful.

Trainer: Dr. Satish Shinde